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  Infrastructure Evaluation

  We offer a comprehensive infrastructure evaluation of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems within existing buildings. In performing this evaluation we examine the building equipment to determine its present condition as well as its life-expectancy. We also include suggestions for expanding the life of the equipment and take into account the availability of necessary parts that may need replaced in the future. We then make recommendations regarding the energy-conscious operation of systems, including any minor changes that may be made to increase performance and decrease the cost of long-standing operation.
  Incorporated in this facet of our services, we work with the building owner to determine the equipment that is, as well as what should be, running on emergency power. We are able to determine the long-term needs of the facility while drafting a cost estimate of implementing the recommended and agreed-upon solutions. This estimate is broken down into levels of urgency in order to meet our client’s budget. 

  This service, along with our other services, includes a detailed and illustrated report that outlines the problems, solutions, and costs to make it easy to understand. We know that time is precious and therefore make our reports easily comprehensible and straightforward. In instances with a broad clientele base we are willing to make custom reports that are tailored to each intended audience. 



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