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 Building Commissioning

Commissioning check photo  In this area of service, the operating systems are assessed, scrutinized, and tested to guarantee the top performance of all machinery involved. This service may take place during any point of a building's life from prior to move-in to its full operational stage. As buildings are known to run for years before problems begin to arise, maintenance fees can cost thousands of dollars and time, and energy may be wasted. Improper installations, equipment variations, architectural or design problems, and control system dilemmas are all things that can be detected and fixed. We have adopted a goal of identifying and eliminating roadblocks that would otherwise keep your structure from performing efficiently and properly. This service can produce outstanding results whether the structure has stood for years or is brand new.

  This service, along with our other services, includes a detailed and illustrated report that outlines the problems, solutions, and costs to make it easy to understand. We know that time is precious and therefore make our reports easily comprehensible and straightforward. In instances with a broad clientele base we are willing to make custom reports that are tailored to each intended audience.



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Building Commissioning
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"Buildings should serve people, not the other way around."

-- John Portman, American Architect