Pitchford Diversified, Inc.

About Us 

Charles  Founded in 2008 by Charles Pitchford, Pitchford Diversified, Inc. has built an oustanding reputation in the field of building commissioning. Charles has put his years of experience to good use in all aspects of his company. He has assembled a top-notch team that is frequently sought out to solve both common and uncommon problems that arise during building construction and also throughout the lifespan of a building.


  At Pitchford Diversified, Inc. we believe that building commissioning is an integral part of any commercial building project. Not only does the commissioning process ensure the functionality, but also the reliability of a building. In many cases, the upfront cost of the commissioning process is returned to the buildilng owner within the first few years of building operation in the form of savings.



Building Commissioning
Design Consulting
Building Forensics
Energy Consulting
Infrastructure Evaluation



"Buildings should serve people, not the other way around."

-- John Portman, American Architect